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There are many benefits of carpeting and most of the time they are thought of from an ascetic level. How does the carpet make a home look, is it the right pattern for the room or area, does it match the upholstery on the furniture? Carpet is also thought of as an investment in that certain brands lend to property value and increase interest in ones home or office, just as oriental rugs and rugs of this ilk are sought after, too. It is not that this subject is a forgotten reason behind the purchase of, or even a helpful reason to have carpeting but it is usually after a near accident that someone thinks about it.

Children all over Jacksonville have a tendency to play hard and play rough, running this way and that, screeching to a halt only to charge again. Jumping and kicking, spinning and tumbling and your carpeting, especially if it is thicker, well padded variety is the perfect foil to any disaster that can happen.

Even when they are infants they have a unique ability to get into tricky situations that cause them to be at risk. Rolling around on carpeting for an infant is much safer than tile and grout or wood flooring as the carpeting, even if it is dirty, will bring much of the soil or debris into the fibers If it were hard flooring that dirt and anything else on the surface will stay there and get in your child's mouth (especially if they are drooling), on their pacifiers, on their skin and if there are any burrs, sharp objects, small shards of glass or any other sticking material this will hurt them as you look desperately for what has injured them.

Carpeting, as stated, can get dirty and you stand a much better chance at keeping carpets clean than you do hard flooring since any time someone walks across the floors they track different things in from walking outdoors in Jacksonville.

The best way to keep your carpets cleaned and in good shape for your kids is to perform regular vacuuming. Depending on the amount of people in your home or traffic that your carpeting gets you can do this one to four times a week, but it is well worth it for the safety of your children. You will also want to consul with a local Jacksonville carpet cleaning company to keep your carpets sanitized and healthy, and the padding too, so it doesn't lose its bounce or its shape, as well as for appearance sake.

Carpet cleaning by no means needs to be done as often as vacuuming and the recommended amount of cleaning is usually within every twelve to twenty four months. This will ensure that you have a safe and clean carpet not only for you and your home but most importantly for those precious bundles of joy, your children.

You will also want to make sure that your residential carpet cleaning company uses non-toxic and hypo-allergenic cleaning supplies for even safer carpeting.

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